How to Buy the Right Kind of Fabric Online?


Choosing the right kind of fabric is highly essential but can also be a daunting or confusing task. Especially if you’re buying fabric online from fabric-selling websites, it becomes more difficult since you can’t touch or feel the fabric in the first place before ordering. That’s why considering some of the most important characteristics of fabric before making a purchase is crucial to avoid any inconvenience or disappointment.

Properties To Consider While Buying Fabric Online


Understanding the kind of fabric material you require for your project is vital. Whether you want to opt for cotton, linen, silk, rayon, polyester, or any other kind of fabric that will suit the business requirements is important to finalize before making a purchase. In case you think cotton will be an ideal material type for your production objective, you can further purchase cotton fabric wholesale online in the desired quantity.


The type of fabric you require is also significant to decide before ordering fabric online. Identify whether you want a printed fabric or fabric having a simple plain base color. You can also look for embroidered or art fabrics like Bandhani, Patola, or Kalamkari while purchasing fabric online.

Woven or Knit

Whether fabric is woven or knit is another important factor to consider before buying from woven fabric manufacturers online. Since both kinds of fabrics have distinct properties, depending upon the kind of garment you’re going to make, you’ll need to buy the suitable fabric type.


The weight of the fabric is also a key factor in ensuring you choose the right kind of fabric for yourself. Whether you want to opt for lightweight fabrics like georgette, crepe, or chiffon or heavier ones like flex cotton or denim depends on the kind of apparel you’re planning to produce. You can also choose from medium-weight fabrics like velvet, or satin.


How much fabric you will be requiring for your project is essential to determine beforehand. Fabrics with different widths and lengths are readily available from manufacturers who sell different kinds of fabrics or sell yarn online. Look for the width and length mentioned in the fabric description and order according to your requirements since you wouldn’t want to be left ordering an inadequate quantity of fabric.

Drape and feel

How the fabric will feel upon being worn or draped around matters a lot. How you want your garment product to feel on your customers or what kind of texture you’re visualizing it would give when draped around will impact the kind of fabric you order. The flowy-ness or stiffness of the fabric is highly important to consider when choosing the kind of fabric for making a garment. 


How the fabric would fit the body depends on the kind of stretch. A knit fabric is more stretchable than a woven fabric hence if you’re making a body-fit garment or a rigid one will impact your choice of fabric with the type of stretch it gives.

When you buy a fabric or greige yarn online, there are plenty of options to choose from. This makes it an overwhelming as well as a highly confusing situation. But considering these important factors that directly impact the end product you’ll make from the fabric will increase the chances of you creating a perfect piece of clothing.

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