Tips for Secure Purchase on Fabric Selling Websites


Online textile trading platforms, like TEXchange, have become commonplace in the digital textile marketplace. While TEXchange is the best place to sell fabric online, textile businesses must be aware of the risks associated with other fabric-selling websites and take appropriate precautions to ensure the safety of online buying and selling.

Since online transactions inherently carry some risk, there are several things textile buyers and fabric manufacturers in Delhi or any other place can do to enhance their security on the web while transacting big amounts. Various mediums, such as credit cards, UPIs, BNPL, and bank NEFTs, facilitate online transactions, which consumers increasingly favor due to their convenience and ease of use. 

Considering the current post-pandemic online trading scenario, where reliance on the Internet and trading platforms has increased significantly, it is even more important for businesses to prioritize digital security.

Tips for Securely Purchasing from Fabric Selling Websites and Marketplaces 

Digital trading comes with risks, including data breaches, security vulnerabilities, theft, etc. Therefore, consumers must exercise extra caution while using digital platforms for monetary transactions.

While global yarn and fabric-selling websites offer the benefits of cashless payments and fund transfers, it is imperative to acknowledge the risks involved, such as data breaches, security vulnerabilities, and theft.

To ensure businesses safely purchase textiles from wholesale fabric suppliers online in India, we have created a list of tips you can consider. 

1. Download Apps from Trusted Sources or Register on Certified Websites 

    Textile businesses should be aware of the existence of numerous illegitimate textile marketplaces and apps. It is crucial to prioritize connecting with trusted sources that have positive reviews and verified badges. TEXchange Global, developed and operated by Damodar Menon International, one of India’s leading and most established textile trading companies, is a prime example. With over 60 years of trading experience across over 80 countries and ISO certification, they have built a strong reputation in the industry.

    TEXchange is a cloud-based web application that utilizes top-tier frameworks. It is accessible through any browser and smartphone without requiring a download. This feature ensures that users can securely engage in trading activities without concerns about potential financial losses.

    For Other Trading Apps:

    Whenever you download a trading application to your smartphone or web application, it is important to make sure they are verified and legitimate. This rule also extends to mobile banking apps and mobile wallet apps. When using such apps, users are often prompted to grant permissions for accessing their device’s camera, phone contacts, SMS, and other functionalities. 

    While it may be necessary to grant these permissions, users should remain cautious and maintain discretion. If the app appears suspicious or untrustworthy, users have the option to deny access. One helpful tip for users is to verify the reputation and popularity of the app before installing it, as well as scrutinize whether it requests personal or banking information that is typically not required.

    2. Transact Large Amount Through a Private Browser or Incognito-Mode 

      To safeguard your money during online transactions on fabric-selling websites, you must use a private browser and secure network connection, such as home or office WiFi, with password protection enabled. One effective measure is to use the “incognito” mode offered by certain browsers, like Google Chrome. 

      This mode prevents saving browsing history, search results, passwords, and other sensitive information. It is specifically designed to enhance the safety of online banking transactions and mitigate the risk of cookie and credential theft. 

      Additionally, fabric manufacturers in Delhi should remember to log out of the transaction page promptly once completing the transaction. This practice adds an extra layer of security to their online activities.

      3. Do Not Use Public/Unprotected Networks or Computers for Online Trading

        To ensure secure online fabric transactions, it is advisable to use your company’s WiFi connection and hardware systems. Even when using trusted software applications or web browsers, public network connections are susceptible to cyber-attacks and fraudulent activities. By relying on your company’s WiFi, you can significantly reduce the risks associated with conducting business transactions online. 

        When we urgently need to complete a cashless transaction, we may sometimes use a public computer or a public Wi-Fi network, such as a browsing center or café shop. However, it’s important to recognize that such transactions are highly unsafe and can significantly increase the risk of data theft. Therefore, it is strongly advised to prioritize using a personal computer and always opt for a trusted, password-protected Wi-Fi when engaging in any financial transactions. 

        In the event that using a public computer or network is unavoidable, it is crucial to take additional precautions. Opening an incognito window and utilizing a virtual keypad to enter sensitive information, such as passwords, can help enhance security and protect against potential risks.

        4. Do Not Save or Share Credit Card Details and Passwords 

        To maintain financial security when purchasing from wholesale fabric suppliers online from India, it is crucial not to save debit/credit card details after completing a transaction. While saving card information may offer convenience for future purchases, it is safer to remove this data once the transaction is finished. This will avoid card information theft.

        Sharing passwords is a significant threat to company finances. 

        Creating strong Internet banking passwords and never sharing them with anyone is absolutely essential. Regularly changing passwords further reduces the risk of cyber-attacks. 

        Note that TEXchange doesn’t send email, SMS, or call to ask for OTP or banking details. We only use our official email Id to communicate with our customers. 

        If someone requests password details or ATM PIN over the phone, it is important to immediately inform us or the bank without divulging any information. 

        Instances of sharing OTPs through phone calls or SMS are common fraudulent tactics used to trap users in online monetary frauds. OTPs, like net banking or account passwords, should never be shared.

        Trusted online trading marketplaces and fabric-selling websites like TEXchange offer numerous benefits, including global trading opportunities, expanded customer reach, collaboration with verified fabric manufacturers in India, access to the best online deals, establishing an online presence, accelerated deal closures compared to traditional methods, and other exceptional trading features.

        However, it is crucial for novice businesses to prioritize safety measures when engaging in online transactions to protect themselves and their ventures. If any doubts or concerns arise, our team of trading experts is readily available to assist and guide you through the trading process.

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