Email Automation for B2B Textile Marketing


Other than TEXchange Global, using email marketing is likely the second-best way to quickly connect with cotton fabric online. It’s clear that email technology has greatly transformed how B2B marketing works. In India, many textile companies are not fully aware of the power of email marketing. It opens up various opportunities for suppliers selling wholesale fabric online, boosting returns for those already signed up with TEXchange.

While email is a cost-effective marketing strategy, marketers often find it time-consuming, monotonous, stressful, and hard to manage. It is difficult to send personalized promotional messages to three hundred business associates, reply to each of them, keep tabs on their correspondence, make cold calls, and solve problems.

However, email marketing automation can automate these repetitive and numbing tasks.

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Email Marketing Automation for B2B Businesses

Automating your email marketing process can benefit your B2B business in several ways; you can use the free time to improve your product value chain. Top Textile Companies in India spend a reasonable amount of time maintaining communication with potential customers and existing clients while simultaneously dealing with the long sales cycle.

These tasks require a lot of effort to ensure that leads are converted. Email marketing automation helps you streamline these processes, minimize your efforts, and maximize your results.

Given below are five ways to automate your email marketing efforts. Whether you sell via TEXchange or are yet to join the platform, email marketing automation can boost your cotton fabric wholesale online sale twice.

Turn Potential Leads into Subscribers

You may find potential customers through a variety of platforms, such as guests at a textile trade fair or contacts from a survey you conducted online. If you have entered your list of contacts on Google Sheets, you can integrate it with an email marketing automation tool that can update your email list from various places and send it to a centralized location.

Automate Email Campaigns for Cold Calls Non-Openers

No matter how hard you try, some cold call customers are non-openers and prefer written messages over phone conversations. With B2B email marketing automation, you can resend custom promotional content to non-openers after a certain period has lapsed.

Segment Your Customers into Different Lists

Different customers will respond to different product promotions or email content. Some might want to buy fabric online in India, while some prefer engaging with your blogs and marketing tips.

For instance, we will want to send a different promotional message to someone who has just joined TEXchange versus a wholesale fabric online buyer.

This is why customer segmentation is very important in email marketing. With an email segmentation tool, you can organize your subscribers and customers into different categories based on where they are in the customer journey.

Once you have segmented your audience, you can create and send unique content to each group to inspire their purchase decisions.

It is essential to start customer segmentation as soon as possible to avoid sending the wrong message to a lead.

Leverage Email Drip Campaigns & Send Your Customers Timely Emails

Following up with your customers with relevant information and promotional content is much easier with email marketing automation. Specific and customized nurture campaigns can turn leads into paying customers and ensure they keep coming back.

You might want to welcome a new customer with a personalized email, send a discount coupon to a loyal customer completing 10 years with your firm, or inform your existing customer about a new product.

Email Drip Campaigns can help you send emails on a pre-set schedule based on customers’ interactions with you in the past.

An email drip campaign is an email automation tool that automates the whole campaign process from start to finish. For instance, you can search for customers who are interested in a particular textile product or sales approach, import their email address, customize an email template or use one of the pre-designed templates, and create and send action-triggering content. 

Bring Back Lost Customers

Has a customer lost touch with you? Have they stopped buying cotton fabric material online from you because of unknown reasons? This may happen when a customer doesn’t feel engaged with your business or marketing messages.

With an email marketing automation tool, you can set up automatic workflows to keep track of your old customers, unsubscribers, and clients who don’t open your emails, so you can follow up later to encourage them to come back. 

Email is one of the most impressive and affordable marketing channels for B2B textile businesses. You can directly connect with your customers and use email automation tools like drip campaigns, bulk messaging, and segmentation, and integrate your email marketing with CRM and other tools.

You can now sell and buy greige cotton fabric material online on TEXchange Global hassle-free. Give it a try.

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