How Textile platforms help fabric supplier online in India?


If you run a business-to-business textile company and want a dependable and profitable method to sell cotton fabric online in India, platforms like TEXchange are perfect for fabric supplier like you

A B2B eCommerce marketplace helps organizations to easily network and trade with other B2B organizations. It also streamlines and secures the trading process, online transactions, and communication into one automated platform. 

With the digital tools and features that support the marketplace’s functions, you can compare prices, negotiate deals, sell and buy cotton fabric wholesale online worldwide, process orders and payments, and track order delivery status in real time, creating a simplified and transparent trading process. 

What is a B2B eCommerce Marketplace?

A B2B eCommerce Marketplace is represented by its digital portal or software application that allows textile businesses worldwide to securely find, connect, and interact with other wholesale textile businesses, manufacturers, and importers, and trade products and services all in one place. Similar to a B2C platform like Amazon, B2B eCommerce platforms are where companies buy and sell greige yarn, fiber, and fabric in bulk. 

The primary difference between B2C marketplaces like Walmart, Flipkart, and Amazon vs. a B2B platform like TEXchange Global is that the buyers and sellers registered in TEXchange are big players, likely to be global manufacturers, wholesalers, suppliers, and big brands like Levis and Lacoste. The minimum order value is $1000, and the exchange is typically carried out between a wholesaler and a retailer. Whereas in Amazon and other B2C platforms, the companies directly sell to individual customers. 

Negotiating power and skill are much more competitive in B2B marketplaces. By 2027, the global eCommerce market for B2B companies is likely to reach $20.9 trillion, with a CAGR of 17.5%, according to Grand View Research. 

Features of B2B Textile Online Marketplaces

B2B transactions can be carried out through different channels online, such as the following:

  • Company Websites: Company-owned websites specifically target business clients and employees of other B2B organizations. They may provide access to exclusive extranets that are reserved for registered users and customers only. The sites operate as round-the-clock trade exhibits. Some company B2B websites enable direct sales from the website to other businesses. For example, if you want to buy fabric online in India, you can visit AKSclothing to buy fabrics wholesale directly from them. 
  • Specialized Portals: These platforms offer dedicated information, discussion groups, market share, news, and product listings for textile businesses. They may also provide buying and selling of products online. 
  • Product Exchange Applications: TEXchange Global is an ideal example. We and similar exchanges allow companies worldwide to register their business on our portal and shop supplies from multiple vendors, enquire about prices, request proposals, negotiate deals, and even bid on offers, products, and inquiries. We are also called eProcurement sites, dedicated to global B2B textile buyers and sellers. However, there are other exchanges that cater to wide industries. 
  • Information Sites: Often referred to as infomediaries, these sites deliver information about a specified industry to companies and their employees, including but not limited to trading solutions, market trends, stock exchange, policies, and political and economic scenarios.  
  • Brokering Websites: These sites are exclusively intermediate between manufacturers and potential customers that need specific services or solutions, such as warehouses for rent, equipment for leasing, etc. 

How Does B2B Trading Platforms Work?

B2B Trading Platforms, like TEXchange, help businesses buy and sell wholesale fabric online in India or overseas to another business. Occasionally, a user from the buyer company, probably the sales manager, makes the transaction on behalf of his company to support the business goal. 

However, some B2B e-commerce platforms involve the entire company’s use of the products, apart from greige yarn and fabric, such as services, furniture, SaaS, and more. 

For complicated products, export and import, or larger purchase value, a group of people partakes in the B2B product selection process. The group might consist of a decision-maker, maybe the MD or CEO, influencers who advise the decision-maker, a CFO who is responsible for the budget, and a technical- decision-maker or COO who evaluates the quality of the products. 

For bulk orders with larger purchase values, a request for proposal is formed, in which buyers send out enquires or invite prospective vendors to submit offers detailing their products, quality, terms, pricing, shipment, and after-sale support. 

 Why are B2B eCommerce Platforms Important?

For several reasons, B2B eCommerce platforms for textile trading play a vital role in the global landscape. For example, TEXchange offers the following benefits to greige yarn and fabric buyers and sellers.

  • Automates the procurement process and makes it completely online, allowing businesses worldwide to procure products and services more effectively. 
  • Enables a buyer from the USA to go through catalogs and product details digitally before placing a huge order for wholesale fabric online in India.
  • Offer businesses a global marketplace, going beyond geographical limitations, enabling companies to connect with potential customers from around the world at the click of buttons. 
  • Expand customer base and affordably reach a wider range of products and services. 
  • Automates and regulates various business operations to improve productivity. 
  • Allows businesses to target niche markets effortlessly and enjoy a smooth and user-friendly 

buying experience. 

  • Provides real-time insights into valuable data and resources, such as real-time order tracking, customer behavior, and market trends. 

Overall, B2B trading companies like Damodar Menon International or eCommerce platforms like ours provide a complete infrastructure that enhances efficiency, expands customer reach, and drives growth on an international scale. 

Are you leveraging TEXchange’s complete potential to improve your business value?

This is a brilliant tool to grow your textile business this year.

The best platform to build a global textile company affordably from your fingertips and buy and sell the best quality cotton fabric wholesale online worldwide. 

You can view a customer’s business profile, the products they buy or sell, their location, and price on TEXchange and, based on it, place your offer or inquiry.

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