How to Close a Deal with Industrial Fabric Buyers?


For fabric buyers and textile manufacturers in India, picking the right way to finalize a deal is really important. Whether you’re selling wholesale fabric online or doing it the usual way, making sure you get the best chances of success is crucial for fabric suppliers in India. Simply meeting with the client isn’t sufficient – your cotton buyers must be really happy with your product and eager to team up with you for textile products.

We have listed a couple of great deal-closing strategies below for textile manufacturers in India. They should work for you, too, if you are from the textile B2B industry.

Tips to Close a Deal with Industrial Fabric Buyers

  • Identify the key decision-makers in the company you are targeting and address them when making your sales pitch. Ask for their appointment and encourage them to join your meeting. They will decide whether it is you or someone else they will buy from.
  • Be present in all stages of the buyer’s journey – Awareness, Contemplation, Purchase, Customer Service, and Loyalty.
  • Strategize your B2B sales meeting. Whether you sell online through TEXchange, in person, or via a video call, plan your deal-closing strategy. Ask simple questions that will encourage your customer. The more they agree with you in this meeting, the easier it will be to close the deal.
  • Offer social proof, such as case studies, testimonials, customer success stories, and references. It is the most interesting and revered evidence of your success. Add measurable statistics to the proof, like increased revenue.
  • Improve your language, voice modulation, and tonality. Your communication skill has a significant impact on your discussion and deal closure. Instead of using You and I, use Us and We. Such words set a positive tone and put you and your customer on the same level, effectively telling them that you both are in this together as partners. Their loss will be your loss. And your gain will be theirs.
  • Don’t present yourself as one of the fabric supplier selling online in India. Even though you do precisely that, your ultimate goal should be helping your customers find the best solution to their needs. Even that means providing them with a customized solution.
  • Always follow-up your B2B sales emails. Avoid selling your products. Instead, talk about solutions. What can you do to help your customers? For example, instead of saying, “We are one of the top cotton suppliers in India,” you can say, “Our high-quality, durable cotton fabrics can help reduce your garment production cost. We can supply XX quantity in two weeks.”
  • If your customer still sounds unsure, clear the path for the deal close. Why waste each other’s time? Don’t be afraid to ask them whether this deal is possible or not. If they still sound unsure, give them a deadline with the attached benefits. Example: This 30% off will be available till the end of next week. Or give them two deal options, A and B, to make things easier.
  • Use TEXchange Global software. It is easier to close B2B sales deals when you have the right tools. For instance, with TEXchange Smart ERP, you can track deals, order status, create bids, and other details in real time.

With these sales strategies, textile manufacturers in India can sell wholesale fabric online in India or abroad. Let us know whether you are a cotton supplier or fabric buyer. We can help you in closing a profitable deal this year.

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