Top Textile Products for Exports Through India


In India, the textile industry is the second-largest employer, just after agriculture. It’s also one of the world’s biggest industrial sectors. You can send out textile products for exports, such as cotton fabric online, along with jute, silk, and man-made fabrics, both in the traditional way and through online channels. The Indian textile sector is like a big community, involving everyone from farmers and manufacturers to fashion designers – each sector has its own prominent names.

Additionally, with the launch of process automation trading platforms, like TEXchange, exporting wholesale fabric online via India has become even more streamlined and transparent.

Like most developing countries, India’s focus strongly remains on textile products for exports, which account for 12% of the total exports in the country. In fact, textile companies in India created a record with the highest value of exports in FY22 – $44.4 billion.

This provides textile businesses an excellent scope to seamlessly sell wholesale fabric online worldwide. It also offers several import and export ideas to start-ups and SMEs.

Top Textile Products for Exports through India

You may want to know whether importers buy fabric online from India, and if yes, which textile products are more profitable for export. To know the answer, understand the different categories of textile products for exports:

  • Cotton fiber, yarn, and fabrics
  • Man-made, synthetic, or artificial textile products
  • Woolen products
  • Silk yarn and products
  • Jute products
  • Handloom
  • Specialty and industrial textile products

To start your wholesale export online fabric business in India, you must select the top three categories of exported products and identify the best markets for these products.

How to Choose the Export Product and Market?

By studying past data, you can generate the best export ideas. For instance, readymade garments held a share of 44% in the last couple of years, cotton textiles held 34$, synthetic 15%, and handloom 1%.

The top ten countries that export fiber, fabric, and yarn from textile companies in India are the USA with a 22% share, UAE, Bangladesh, and the UK with 6% each, and China with a 4% share.

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So, the export categories you can focus on are cotton and readymade fabrics, followed by handloom, and USA, UAE, and UK are the best markets to explore.

However, you might want to consider other factors before deciding on a strategic move, such as subcategories, best sources, matching items within markets, and logistics and inventory costs.

Besides, India has many significant textile promotion councils that play a significant role in aiding textile companies in India to improve their export businesses. They include:

  1. The Cotton Textiles Export Promotion Council
  2. Synthetic and Rayon Textile Export Promotion Council
  3. Apparel Export Promotion Council
  4. Indian Silk Export Promotion Council
  5. Wool and Woolen Exports Promotion Council
  6. Jute Products Development and Export Promotion Council
  7. Carpet Export Promotion Council
  8. Wool Industry Export Promotion Council
  9. Handloom Export Promotion Council
  10. Power Loom Development and Export Promotion Council
  11. Export Promotions Council for Handicraft

Use Our Trading Expertise to Export Online via TEXchange Portal

Identifying a profitable product and an unsaturated market is essential for starting your export business of cotton fabric material online.

While you need to consider several things, the best way to approach this is logically and by taking the help of a trading expert.

For export and import insights, you can contact our trading consultants. We have over 60+ years of experience exporting cotton fabric online via India to 80+ countries.

We can come up with a fair and reasonable price strategy to boost your profitability. We will also ensure you avail of all applicable export incentives to your selected product section.

All the best!

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