Tips to Buy Wholesale Fabric Online in India for Garment Manufacturing


Any textile business, whether a fashion design studio or industrial garment company, depends on the availability of quality and cost-effective raw materials. Textile companies in India keep looking for suppliers for wholesale fabric online who can deliver the highest grade, certified fabrics at the best value. 

Regardless of your position in the textile business – an industry veteran or a newly found company – sourcing wholesale fabric online – at the right price – from a reliable supplier – may establish the difference between your success and failure. If you are looking for a reliable platform to buy fabric online in India, we can help you. 

As India’s leading textile trading company, we will answer all your questions on wholesale buying and share a few tips and tricks on sourcing quality fabric online. 

Where to Look for Verified Wholesale Fabric Suppliers?

Since wholesale fabric suppliers are cost-advantageous compared to retailers, here’s the best means to find suppliers selling certified fabrics. 

If you run a small to medium size business, you can look for suppliers of wholesale fabric online at TEXchange. TEXchange Global is a unified digital platform connecting B2B textile traders worldwide. It offers a one-stop solution for fabric buyers to easily source certified greige and RFD fabrics online. It allows you to post inquiries, search for suppliers, create bids, negotiate prices, review order history, and manage orders online, all in one place. 

You will find local, India-based, and overseas suppliers facilitating bulk purchases at TEXchange. However, if you operate on a large scale, we suggest establishing direct connections with suppliers through expert trading companies like DMI in India, Vietnam, and China. DMI has network offices in these countries and can help you secure wholesale fabric deals. 

The textile industry has changed a lot in the last couple of years. Demand for sustainable fabric is on the rise. In that light, investing in naturally sourced fabrics, such as organic cotton, silk, wool, and rayon, is recommended. 

How Should You Buy Fabric Online in India from a Wholesaler?

Wholesale buying is the best way to get what textile companies in India need in large quantities at an affordable price. Moreover, registering on TEXchange will give you the buyer’s advantage of comparing offers from different buyers in real time before signing a deal. 

However, there are a couple of things to remember when buying wholesale fabric online. 

Shop Around Before Taking a Decision 

Do not buy fabric from the first supplier you connect with or the first manufacturing unit you visit. Shop around. Meaning, ask for samples from each supplier and compare quality and price. Six out of ten times, you will find the same fabric at a much lower cost online than at the store. 

Test the Fabric Before Placing a Bulk Order

Sometimes, wholesale orders can be entirely different from the supplier’s initial claims. So, asking for return swatches or sample yardage before placing a wholesale order online is highly important. 

Test the sample swatches for consistency, dye fastness, quality, and color. Examining organic or industrial fabrics in certified labs is recommended as they differ from region to region and seller to seller.

When placing orders in bulk, you must know that color and shades vary with each lot produced as it depends on the fabric’s dye. So, if you like a particular color shade and have a huge order ahead, buy enough in the first time to get it most likely from the same bolt of fabric. 

Check Your Supplier’s Scalability 

There should be continuity in production and supply chain. It’s advisable to analyze whether the shortlisted supplier can accommodate your order size throughout the year. 

If you use a specific fabric for your sample collection, ensure the manufacturer has enough yardage for production. You don’t want to disappoint your retailers by not providing designs in the fabric you used in creating the prototype. 

Look for Customer Ratings and Industry Certifications 

Check customer feedback and rating on TEXchange and other publicly available mediums like Google listing. You can also request certifications from the supplier, particularly for organic, industrial, and sustainable fabrics. Statistical data and insights will help you make sound decisions. 

Location of the Fabric Supplier 

Wholesalers can process bulk orders more efficiently and faster than small players. However, their location plays an important role in the TAT. Textile companies in India, China, and the EU are among the top exporters of wholesale fabric online. And since most distributors are based out of these countries, the six location factors that you must consider are:

  • Ability to communicate from different time zones
  • Shipping and customs cost
  • Time to deliver an order
  • Potential custom delays 
  • Credibility of the supplier as you cannot visit them frequently 
  • Order fulfillment strategy and agreement 

Regardless of the location, buy wholesale fabric online in India or China from a supplier that offers a timeline that meets your expectations. However, bear in mind that if you are working with an overseas seller, you are on a tight timeline already and may have to place your order much ahead of time to avoid production delays.  

Working with a global textile trading partner like TEXchange Global can handle all the abovementioned difficulties. There is no time zone to navigate. You can get the best deal online and compare everything in real-time. Our expert project manager can guide you effortlessly with the local customs, shipping routes, turnaround times, and other valuable insights required in scaling your business.

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