How to Prepare for Festivals with Online Textile Solutions 


The celebration time is here worldwide, kicking off with Navratri and concluding with Christmas. After that, we have New Year and Makar Sankranti to look forward to in the coming year. During festivals, people like to get new clothes, creating a busy time for those in the textile industry—suppliers, makers, importers, and exporters. Online textile solutions play a crucial role in making this process smoother.

Your customers are indulging in festival shopping and are actively looking for new cotton fabric online, presenting a perfect opportunity to prepare your business for the upcoming festival with an incredible online trading solution. 

You may want to know why an Online Solution for a B2B textile business like you.

The answer is pretty simple and obvious – the world is currently driven by digital technology, and your customers are storming the internet for newer things and better deals. If you don’t have an online presence, you will miss 70% of your customers actively looking for you. 

Having an online textile presence makes it easier for customers to find you. Even for a B2B textile company with a brick-and-mortar business like yours, leveraging the features of modern online solutions can bridge the gap between your global customers and your business. 

Advantages of an Online Business During the Festival Season 

  • You can easily display your business offers and products with an online profile, social media posts, videos on YouTube, and much more. 
  • Customers from thousands of miles away can quickly find you with just a tap of their smartphone’s screen.

For instance, if a textile manufacturer in the Netherlands is searching for the best Indian supplier for fabric supplier india, your name would pop up on the search results if you have a digital presence. 

  • Converting leads is much easier with an online business because you can offer much more via your site or trading platforms. 
  • A strong digital presence can help you promote your brand easily in the niche market.
  • Online channels act as a free resource to build and nurture relationships. 

One Textile Trading Solution for All Your Needs 

Improving the digital presence of your business can take months. It cannot happen overnight. But the festive season has begun, and there is no time to wait. 

Don’t lose hope. Because TEXchange is here with its versatile and powerful online trading features and tools. 

It is on TEXchange where you can enjoy all the online business advantages mentioned above – from buyers finding you at the tap of a button through building a strong relationship to boosting sales three times more than the conventional business model. 

TEXchange is a web-based textile business application where B2B buyers and suppliers can build their business online free of cost, create a product profile, and start buying, selling, importing, and exporting business from their mobile devices without any problem. 

It is created by one of the oldest and largest textile trading companies in India. 

During the festival season, TEXchange gives you the needed online presence in a ready-made market where your customers are already present and actively searching for your products. 

It is loaded with amazing benefits for B2B businesses, including but not limited to the following:

  • Registration and creating a business profile is free and easy on TEXchange
  • Whether you want to buy wholesale fabric online or sell cotton fabric wholesale online, TEXchange is open to all
  • It allows you to build an eCommerce business in less than an hour
  • It allows you to register your textile business for international trading
  • You can find and connect with suppliers and buyers based on your business pre-requisites, not only in your home country but also internationally 
  • The TEXchange portal is perfect for entrepreneurs who have no technical knowledge or eCommerce experience 
  • Customize your business profile (products, quality, quantity, stock, etc.) for relevant offers
  • Entering the global market is safe, secure, transparent, and as easy as the snap of your fingers
  • Each buyer and supplier is verified. So, when you connect with a business, you can check its business profile, company history, and even ratings
  • The platform comes with a super-smart Task Manager and Dashboard. The dashboard allows you to place, process, view, and track past and present orders, while the Task Manager allows you to organize, manage, and prioritize offers and other tasks
  • Buy greige fabric online from India and other parts through TEXauction, one of the most innovative trading tools ever created. It allows you to create bids for a quick response and the best deals. 
  • Not sure whether the price you have quoted is the best in the market? Subscribe to TEXbulletin and get daily updates on textile prices, market indexes, and the stock market in your email to make informed decisions. 

Want to know more about this versatile trading application, connect with our trading expert.   

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