How to Get More Customers Online for Your Textile Products


Are you searching to purchase or sell cotton fabric online from India and exploring various options? The internet offers numerous suggestions on acquiring grey cotton fabric online or attracting customers for your textile products. Nevertheless, many global online trading platforms and strategies are either outdated, expensive, or unreliable, particularly for start-ups.

Luckily when it comes to B2B businesses, we have a different way to find customers and start selling greige cotton fabric materials online. It helps you narrow your focus to targeted buyers and sellers of the business and improve your outcomes from your sales acquisition approaches. 

Sales Prospecting Automation and B2B Textile Business Database – TEXchange Global

There’s this business solution, developed by one of the oldest textile companies in India, that is specifically created to help B2B textile entrepreneurs and salespeople find sales prospects online.

It is called TEXchange Global. 

TEXchange is a unique trading application filled with B2B textile businesses from around the world, along with their business and product information. They include start-ups, manufacturers, large enterprises, exporters, and importers. 

It is designed to address modern textile trading issues, such as automation, centralization, globalization, and security. The tool is specifically built to assist B2B businesses like you at every step of the way. 

  • Find new customers online specific to your business only 
  • Search and locate them in different parts of the world
  • Create a business profile with a list of products 
  • Post offers and inquiries, and connect with new prospects directly
  • Push offers and inquiries to the auction section for a faster sales closure 
  • Manage business orders in a single dashboard
  • Get real-time status updates for orders 
  • From finding customers to closing an order – everything is online

Tools like TEXauction, TEXbulletin, and TEXrate help make a sales transaction much easier, simpler, and affordable regardless of the distance between you and your customer. 

If you are looking for a platform to export, import, or buy wholesale greige fabric online, use TEXchange. The investment is zero, but opportunities are manifold. 

Other ways to find B2B textile customers online are listed below.

Find Cotton Buyers Online via Quora and Reddit

Quora is a community platform and a profitable way to find new B2B customers for greige cotton fabric material online. All the leads you get from Quora will cost you nothing, as it is a community channel. 

Most of your customers will find you through organic searches. But people won’t come to you unless you prove worthy of their time. You can improve the chances of being found out by your customer by publishing educational content created to answer your target customers’ questions. 

There is a number of ways to find the trending questions – Reddit boards are one of the best ways. Follow subreddits where your customers most likely ask questions and create blogs to answer them. 

Get Leads Through SEO and Performance Marketing  

Search Engine Optimized business is everything today. If you have a website, create a blog site as well. And if you are good at this, you will slowly attract quality leads. 

If you have not started SEO for your business already, you can hire a dedicated SEO specialist to manage things like your content creation, planning, optimization, local and national business listing, keyword optimization, competitor analysis, testing, and more. 

Today B2B customers are highly educated and prefer keeping their options open.  90% of the B2B customers research 3 -7 websites before making a decision. To ensure a B2B lead converts into a customer, quality information and content that positions you as a thought leader in the industry is the best way.

Social Media and Video Marketing are also Important.

While you are at SEO, invest time and effort in video marketing and social media marketing. Currently, 70% of B2B customers choose a cotton fabric wholesaler online based on video ad campaigns. 

Social media networking takes time and dedication. You must generate quality content and post them every day to attract the right customers. The more you engage, the better the result. This isn’t an easy process. You will have to do it professionally and consistently.

We suggest working with a professional social media marketing agency for textile businesses to get the best value for your marketing efforts. 

Between 2020 and 2021 85% of B2B business deals took place online. So, use the suggested strategies dedicatedly to gain leads and optimize conversions. If you are interested in TEXchange, contact our trading experts to learn about its benefits. You can also click on this link for more details.

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