Importance of Location in B2B Textile Sales and Marketing


Even when your customers can buy and sell cotton fabric material online, and the sales and marketing team can work and collaborate anywhere, location plays a mighty role in a textile business’s success (or failure). The choice of physical business location affects its income, expenses, and operations. This blog will briefly discuss the importance of location in B2B textile marketing and how to select your site before trading cotton fabric online in India

Importance of Location in B2B Textile Marketing and Sales

It is worth noting that while location plays a key role in determining the shipping price and TAT, technological advancements and communication have reduced the need for physical proximity in most cases. For instance, it takes an average of three weeks for yarn or fabric manufacturers in Delhi to sell products via the traditional method. With TEXchange, the time is reduced by 80%. You can buy and sell yarn online in less than a week via the trading platform’s amazing features like TEXauction, enabling B2B textile businesses to reach more customers worldwide efficiently. 

  1. Proximity to Fabric Manufacturers 

Being located closer to target customers can provide supply chain and logistics advantages to manufacturers selling cotton fabric wholesale online. It builds trust and stronger collaborations, enabling better quality control, quicker response, and more efficient sourcing and order fulfilment.  It also allows fabric buyers to inspect manufacturing units frequently and address production discrepancies in real time. 

  1. Access to Influential Textile Markets

Having offices near major textile markets like China, India, and Vietnam allow buyers to connect with potential suppliers and source textile at a relatively lower price due to cost-effective logistics and customs duties. In addition, it fosters buyer and seller participation in events, trade shows, and trade fairs, leading to great networking and promising business development. The business’ physical location also influences political and social-economic partnerships between textile traders. 

  1. Streamlines Goods’ Movement

Since textile products typically fall under the heavyweight category, they require efficient shipping and transportation. Being closer to the manufacturing hubs (for buyers) or logistics infrastructure (for suppliers) can reduce shipping costs, minimize TAT, and streamline the supply chain. Besides, having an office near ports or transportation hubs can further minimize lead time and improve collaboration with shipping agents and freight forwarders, ensuring timely delivery of textile products. 

  1. Partnering with Other Industry Players 

Your location can also impact your relationship with other businesses in the textile industry, such as garment manufacturers, third-party traders, distributors, designers, and technology providers, opening up opportunities for joint ventures and knowledge sharing. This can lead to better product offerings, widened market reach, and a competitive edge in the marketplace. 

Factors to Consider When Deciding on the Location 

The location is important whether or not you sell cotton fabric wholesale online. Here is a list of questions you must ponder before you select the site for your textile manufacturing unit:

  • Is the marketplace enough to support your business?
  • Is the political and economic scenario healthy?
  • Do the population and demography match your business?
  • Can you find workers and external business partners in the local region?
  • Can your business legally open at the location? For instance, some zoning codes don’t allow industrial uses, while some do. 
  • What are the rules and regulations of the local government?

Wrapping Up…

If you still haven’t found a good place to start your business or a platform to buy and sell cotton fabric material online, we may have the perfect solution. 

TEXchange is an online trading platform for B2B textile businesses, with 500+ accredited buyers, sellers, manufacturers, importers, and yarn exporters in India and worldwide. 

Talk to our experts, place your needs, and register on TEXchange for free, and we will help you maximize your profits regardless of your business location. 

TEXchange comes with automation, security, and tons of great features, like TEXauction and TEXbulletin, that help businesses to secure the best deals in the shortest time frame. And for International sales and distribution knowledge and guidelines, talk to DMI trading experts,  India’s leading textile trading company with 60+ years of trading experience in natural and synthetic fiber, yarn, and fabric.

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