Importance of Grey Yarn for Textile Manufacturers in India


Textile manufacturers in India should recognize the significance of grey yarn when participating in cotton fabric online through TEXchange. Understanding the importance of grey yarn in the context of trading cotton fabric online, and being mindful of this aspect and taking necessary precautions play a pivotal role in enabling them to make well-informed decisions.

What is Grey Yarn

Grey yarn is also referred to as greige yarn by textile manufacturers in India. It is the most natural and rawest form of yarn that has not been washed, dyed, or bleached.  Like any yarn, grey yarn is a continuous length of interlocked fibers. However, the natural, undyed color can produce different shades of grey, yellow, or half-white depending on the fiber used in manufacturing.

Because of its wide scalability, versatility, and natural properties, greige yarns are preferred by knitters, suppliers, weavers, and creative artists. It is cheaper than RFD yarns and can be used in creating different textile products, such as sweaters, home decor, upholstery, blankets, and rugs.

Grey yarn can also be blended with other fibers and colors to create unique, customized yarns with various textures and properties.

Importance and Uses of Grey Yarn Textile Manufacturers in India

Are you buying and selling on fabric-selling websites? Learn the importance of grey yarn during garment manufacturing and processing.

Usually, the yarn used for sewing by machine or hand is known as thread. When grey yarn is manufactured as thread, it is usually coated with wax or other lubricants to endure the sewing.

Grey Yarn is an Important and Versatile Material for Various Reasons:

It is Beautiful: Greige yarn has a natural beauty that comes from raw fibers. The natural color variations add beautiful depth and visual appeal to a comprehensive range of projects for textile manufacturers in India.

It is Eco-friendly: Grey yarn requires less water and energy than dyed yarns. This makes it more environmentally friendly and a perfect material for sustainable textile companies in India.

It is Easily Accessible: Grey yarn is readily available, both offline and online. TEXchange is a premier online global marketplace for greige or grey yarn. The various price points make it even more appealing to global buyers and sellers who are new to textile manufacturing, knitting, and weaving and are on TEXchange to buy fabric online in India on a tight budget.

It is Versatile: It is a staple product for many knitters and weavers because of its amazing adaptability. It can be mixed with different colors and yarns to create various fabrics and textures.

It Can Be Customized Easily: To get a range of texture and fabric properties, grey yarn can be easily blended with different yarns. Due to its low cost, Grey Yarn makes a popular choice for manufacturers and artisans experimenting with different fiber blends.

Types of Grey or Greige Yarn

Apart from trading cotton fabric online, you can buy and sell the following types of grey yarn on TEXchange.

Animal Grey Fiber: Wool and Silk are the most common fiber types. You can also get great deals in Cashmere, Alpaca, Ilima, Mohair, Camel, and Angora as well.

Plant Grey Fiber: These are yarns made from plant-based fibers. Cotton and Linen are prime examples. They are less stretchable but do not have insulating properties like animal fibers.

Synthetic Grey Fiber: Grey yarn can be produced from synthetic fibers, like polymers, nylon, etc.

Acrylic Grey Fiber: This grey yarn is manufactured from acrylic acid polymers. While they look and feel like wool, their properties can be manipulated into making any fiber, including cotton.

Grey Polyester Cotton Yarn: Three types of fibers are used to produce polyester cotton yarn, namely tow (cord made from two strands of fiber), filament (continuous threads of one or more filament), and staple (cut fiber).

Uses of Grey Yarn for Textile Manufacturers in India

Grey yarns are used for many different purposes, so they are always in demand on TEXchange. Many textile companies in India sell excellent quality, affordable grey yarn on our platform for customers worldwide. While trading online textile, register on our platform for free and get the best deals in the market.

Some of the common uses of yarn are:

  • Fabric and garment manufacturing
  • Clothes with wrinkle-free properties
  • Regular sportswear
  • Ethnic home decoration
  • Home and living, such as bedsheets, rugs, etc.
  • Accessories like bags, blankets, scarves, and more

Buy greige yarn from top textile manufacturers in India that don’t compromise quality. It is one of the most important factors that breaks or makes a deal. This is because low-quality yarns don’t have evenness throughout the length, which might potentially lead to variations in strength.

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