What is a Textile Channel Partner? How to be a Channel Partner on TEXchange?


TEXchange is the top fabric supplier online globally. It’s a platform in the cloud that helps textile manufacturers in India and other places sell greige fabrics to buyers all over the world. They’ve got cool features and automatic processes to make things smooth. What usually takes three to four weeks the old-fashioned way, TEXchange can get done in just a week. They’re a Textile Channel Partner making it easier for everyone in the textile business.

So, do you want to become a textile channel partner and earn a steady income? No investment is needed. No textile knowledge is required. All you need is your business expertise and contacts of fabric buyers and sellers.

If you are interested, read this article and understand TEXchange CPP.

What is a Textile Channel Partner?

A Channel Partner is a person, business, or organization that associates with a company, brand, manufacturer, or vendor (like TEXchange) to sell, promote, and distribute their products and services. Instead of using an internal marketing and development team, the manufacturer or organization uses a third party.

A channel partner is one of the most crucial distribution network elements that work independently and have expertise in a specific niche, market, or solution. It could be an industry or product, like textile, a service like digital marketing, or a tool, like ERP.

Channel partners are a great way to enter new markets or bring disruptive ideas into a business without heavy investments.

For example, you are one of the leading textile manufacturers in India, selling Kalamkari fabrics. But, instead of directly marketing your weaves to customers, you associate with a network of channel partners who know Kalamkari fabric buyers like the back of their hands to help sell your cotton fabric online in India.

Types of Textile Channel Partner

There are different types of channel partners, and each varies based on the industry or the product. Wholesalers, retailers, resellers, consultants, and integrators are examples of channel partners. Two major types of channel partners in textile trading include:

Affiliate Channel Partners

These individuals or businesses focus on affiliate marketing. They promote your products, and you pay them when they help a customer close a deal. They will also be paid for repeat sales from the same customers.

Here the vendor maintains ownership and management of the acquired customers.

Referral Channel Partners

Referral partners are individuals or third parties who refer quality leads to the vendor in the hopes of generating sales and boosting customer relationships. In addition, this partnership allows manufacturers to engage with the partner’s existing customer base, something they may not be able to do on their own as quickly.

In this partnership, the customer directly communicates with the manufacturer or vendor, negotiates prices, and completes a deal. Once the sale is closed, the channel partner is paid a fee.

Channel partners often provide additional value to the fabric supplier in india by offering their expert knowledge of the market, business management, and customer base to boost sales. In return, Channel Partners receive a share of the profit margin for the sales they close or whatever is agreed between the channel partner and vendor.

What is TEXchange Channel Partner Program (CPP)

We understand the value of effective channel partnership, and that’s why our program intends to offer maximum benefits to our Channel Partners (CPs).

The CPP is designed to make impressively skilled individuals with excellent relationships with cotton suppliers and buyers to be our indispensable asset.

A TEXchange Channel Partner is a company representative who is responsible for introducing fabric buyers and cotton suppliers to the platform.  And once you have helped close a deal on the platform, you will earn 10% of the profits from this sale and repeat sales from the customer.

 Why Become a TEXchange Channel Partner Program?

  • Start a business under a renowned brand in textile trading
  • Gain a source for long-term & secured income opportunity
  • Earn money for every new closure and repeat sale
  • No investment required. Only experience & skill needed
  • Earn a profit of flat 10% against minimal operating costs

The TEXchange platform is filled with dynamic trading tools and benefits for B2B textile businesses. And we know that once a user uses this platform, they will keep using it for the longest time. And this will ensure a constant source of revenue for the Channel Partner.

In the coming time, we envision TEXchange as a full-fledged listed organization. At that time, a CP will be given utmost priority for future endeavors as our most valued business partner. Contact us to learn more about CPP.

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